Nintendo Switch – IMPRESSIONS

When the Nintendo Switch was released on March 3rd, 2017, I eagerly rushed across the city to finally pick up the long awaited console.

Before I do a full audio review, I wanted to share a few initial impressions. Keep in mind that these are my opinions, but opinions that I formed with roughly 150 hours with the unit.

  1. The portability is key!

    Being able to take the console on the go, wherever you want, is the most important aspect behind the Switch. Nintendo was, and still is, relying on getting the unit into the hands of consumers so they can see how it feels. And honestly, it’s sells itself when you try it.


    Having the option to take the game I was playing on the bus with me during my commute to downtown Toronto, is fantastic. The initial teaser trailer they released convinced me that the versatility of the console was the focus, and I’m glad it’s so catered to my lifestyle.

  2. Zelda is the “killer-app”

    Let’s not kid ourselves, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, is the “killer-app”. Aside from the portability, it’s the biggest incentive behind buying the Switch.


    Sinking hours in Zelda, at home or on the bus, has never been so fun. It’s definitely helping the Switch in terms of financial success and marketability.

  3. The Joy-Cons are…

    Really comfortable! I played a 90% of my time on Zelda with the Joy-Cons separated, and it felt great. I separated the Joy-Cons from the grip so I could rotate the right Joy-Con to a more comfortable position, so that the right-stick wasn’t always directly below the A and B buttons. This made it super easy to navigate the camera in the game.


    The connectivity issues have been voiced, and I barely had any issues. I could replicate the problem that the left Joy-Con was grilled over, but never did it happen naturally with me.

  4. The Internal Storage IS NOT a deal breaker

    Having only 32GB’s of internal storage, might sound like a draw back to the Switch, but rather, it’s a design obstacle. That may sound confusing but allow me to explain.

    The Switch is able to have expandable storage via micro-SD cards. This is good.
    Is it unfortunate that there isn’t more on-deck for the plethora of digital games incoming? Slightly.


    Micro-SD cards are relatively affordable in today’s world, but that isn’t a sufficient excuse. People don’t want to buy more stuff to play their games; gamers want it simple.

    The games load directly from the cartridges themselves, which saves the console from having to save and load the games directly from the hard drive. This does drastically improve load times and internal storage.

    Ultimately, the long term game of the Switch is going to be the most interesting thing. What they have planned in terms of software will be what propels the console from being a unique concept, and a gaming mainstay, by my impressions!

    Until next time gamers, it’s been a slice.

    – Chris Pie