4 Things Bungie Should Do To Make Destiny 2 Amazing!

As a longtime Destiny player, for better or for worse, I feel as if I have a vested interest in Destiny 2. The new features and concepts that Bungie will implement in their AAA sequel could have major implications on the FPS and console MMORPG markets.

Ever since their Vanilla launch, players have held the cross-platform game to an incredibly high standard, and for good reason. The team behind the original Halo’s were backed with a long term plan and a massive initial budget. Players who have invested hundreds of hours, like myself, have been critical of the game for years, but continue to play it due to the improvements to gameplay and lore, over expansion releases.

With Destiny 2 being teased earlier this week, and a release date of September 8th, 2017, “Guardians” across the globe are in full alert.

Here are X things that can make Destiny 2 amazing!


    This one has to be the first and highest priority for Bungie. It was the biggest complaint at Destiny’s original launch. Fans were disappointed with the vanilla game’s unexpectedly minimal story, to say the least.They’ve added to the story with the expansions and raids, but the mainline quest felt lackluster in comparison.


    For D2, Bungie has stated they have focused on emphasizing the story, and I hope it’s for the better.


    I mean this in the literal and metaphorical sense.By branching out to more planets, more moons, or even more systems, Destiny has a space-exploration experience, becomes more enriched.


    The gameplay is fantastic, and so are the visuals. Bungie needs to capitalize on both of these strengths by letting players fight the darkness in spectacles across the vast depths of space.


    When Destiny introduced the Sparrow Racing League, players were given the option to earn loot and have fun in a totally unique playground. Features like the SRL allow gamers to lighten the rooting and grinding load by taking some time off patrolling the planets, to race across them.


    Features like these, and the special holiday/themed events, need to make a return.

    Through introducing challenge modes, players were also allowed to play through old content, with new initiative. This was excellent game design! Keep this going!


    During my early Destiny days, I was playing almost exclusively alone on PS3, working and saving towards a PS4. My friends and then Destiny Clan mates, were already on the new console, and when you have no one to play Destiny with, it can become quite exhausting, and boring.

    What Bungie needs to do, is to add to the single player experience. They added exotic exclusive quests and bounties to the game’s hubs, that allowed players, individual or not, to chase after rewards and loot to diversify the grinding. This is a step in the right direction.


    Bungie should experiment with previously completed missions, to enhance the way the play; by maybe having a boss run-like mission mode, where you have to race through and score high, via a similar scoring system that the latest strikes use, to qualify for loot or gear. This could really break up the simple patrol and strike basic formula.

    Realistically, we have lots of time before we see more. When the Destiny 2 teaser hit the Internet this past Thursday, guardians got excited. Let’s hope that Bungie is able to deliver on that excitement.

    Until next time gamers, it’s been a slice!

    – Chris Pie