Social Media and Blog Policy

-Social Media and Blog Policy-

The “The Piefessional” blog and podcast are owned and operated by Christopher Piekarski. As the sole blogger for the site, I hold myself to the highest standards of quality and appropriateness.

With so many ways to communicate and share your voice with others, social media and blog policy standards are a must-have for any successful brand.

The following guidelines are in place for anyone on the site, blogging or using social media under the “The Piefessional” brand.

1) Any blogger under the “The Piefessional” brand is personally responsible for every piece of content written, drafted, published or recorded on the blog. Anything posted on the Internet, stays on the Internet. No matter how big or small. Make sure to be credible and proud of your work.

2) Use common sense. Don’t post or share anything you would not want attached to your name or work history. If there is anything you are unsure of sharing, or are being told to share, please voice your opinion about it and request for a review.

3) Do not share any internal documents with the public, unless given authority to do so. This is to avoid any potential miscommunications or crises with differentiating information or unreleased content. In the entertainment blogging sphere, our ideas are our most cherished resource. Make sure to keep them safe, at all times. Safety and security online is also of utmost importance!

4) Respect your audience! Our readers, listeners and followers must be treated with the same respect and fairness that you would hope to receive. Do not use any ethnic slurs, racial stereotypes, personal insults, obscene mentions/references or acts, either via the blog, social media or behind the scenes.

5) Respect copyright and fair use, internationally and domestically. If we do not, we jeopardize our entire creative process, and stain our artistic integrity. Always make sure to cite, or share content responsibly.

6) Finally, make sure to have fun. If you are blogging, sharing, tweeting or recording for the sake of it, the passion is lost!