About The Piefessional

Hello and welcome to The Piefessional blog! This little web page I’ve established is dedicated to the discussion to all different kinds of video games and related topics!

My name is Christopher Piekarski, but most just call me Chris Pie. I started this blog with the intent of sharing my ideas, and some ideas of those around me, about the world of video games! I’m just an amateur writer  and passionate gamer with no professional experience in the gaming industry, yet I believe I have an unique perspective on the community, as a whole. Thus, combining my name and expertise has created The Piefessional persona.

I realize that there is a huuuuuuge market for video game related content on the Internet, and I want to compliment that market! I want to create a space that is exclusively dedicated to conversations, discussions, theories and ideas that surround video gaming as a cultural phenomena. Don’t expect this blog to be a news/journalism blog, I have no intention of becoming a journalist!

This blog has aspirations of being light-hearted, informative, comical, informal-in-nature, and entertaining to all those interested in gaming! I want to engage YOU, the reader/listener, in various ways that challenge your thoughts surrounding your favourite games, consoles, controllers, whatever. I’m here to provide an opinion about a topic, and pastime that I love! Whether it be in the style of a written blog post or an engaging discussion/conversation via an audio podcast, I want to cultivate a space for gamers to share their ideas, as I do.

So if any of that sounds up your alley, then stay tuned! I have a lot to share and create in the next little while!

Again, thank you so much to paying my site a visit, and I hope you stick around for more engaging, insightful and entertaining content!

Until then guys,
It’s been a slice!

– Chris Pie